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Once a person becomes high on this drug, it’s apparent that there’s an abnormality in personality. What does the Flakka Drug High Feel Like? You may have seen news accounts of people on Flakka or perhaps you’ve looked at some of the YouTube videos. It is clear that paranoia and hallucinations occur for many. At low doses, it should make a user feel euphoria. They will feel the need to move around a lot. There are many accounts of people dancing in the rain. Higher doses create delusions, twitching, seizures, and muscles cramps that make a person jerk. They will often arrive at the hospital naked and disoriented. They believe they’re being chased by the devil sometimes. They become very afraid and adrenaline kicks in, giving them seemingly super power. This video tells the tale of how out of it users are when they’re at the peak of the high. It is often described as being similar to cocaine and amphetamines, giving the user euphoric sensations. Flakka use will flood dopamine in the brain, which is what gives us a sense of pleasure. Additionally, it hinders the reuptake of dopamine, which is where the euphoric feelings come from. The heart rate increases and can cause palpitations. When someone is tripping out, this can be a terrifying sensation and induce panic. There is an increase in blood pressure too and the person becomes very alert.

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how are prescription drugs addictive